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About us

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As dog lovers, our dog groomers believe that the handling and comfort of the dogs in their care is as important as the haircuts they offer. The better the experience the dog has whilst in the grooming room, the more it learns to work with us and the better our continuous relationship will be and therefore the happier the dog will be. All our staff are carefully selected so they have that special something that enables them to bond with and get the best from the dog. They are trained to handle all the dogs in our care with gentleness, patience, love and care. We have all the up to date equipment, hold specialist shampoos for different coat types, continuously attend training seminars and have top stylists and examiners come to the salon to train us so the dogs experience the best salon experience possible. We strive to continuously be the best we can so we provide the best service we can for you and your dog.

Training Resources

We understand to remain as good as we can be and to improve ourselves we must continuously be keeping up to date with training and trends. Therefore we aim to attend the training seminars that are put on nationally as well as inviting renowned groomers to us for training days. These include:


Job Opportunities

We do take work experience students. Please contact us for more details. We sometimes have openings for professional dog groomers who have their city and guilds examinations and have 2 years salon experience. Also we occasionally have an opening on our apprenticeship scheme. Please watch this page for opportunities with Canine Class.

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