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Our services

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About the groom

Our aim is to use our knowledge and marry it with your wishes to create a groom for your dog that you are happy with.

Tailoring the grooming

We are able to tailor any part of our service to meet your requirements. Please call us to discuss what you would like for your dog.

Bath and Brush out only

We offer a separate bath only or bath and brush out service.

Flea Baths

We offer a flea bath and brush out for your dog to help eliminate fleas or just as precaution before your next flea treatment.

Nail cutting

Please call 01761 411132 to arrange to have your dogs nails cut at our salon.

Pick up and drop off service

If you book in advance we can arrange a pick up and drop off service.


We recommend puppies are bought in for a bath, blow dry, ear clean, feet trim and nail cut and a cuddle at 3months plus (depending on the dog) to give them an introduction to us and what the experience is all about.

Older, very nervous or disabled Dogs

When booking the dog in please let us know any special needs so we can allocate two groomers to caring for your dog or to ensure the correct environment so to enhance their comfort during their grooming experience.

Rescue dogs

We would prefer for the dog to have been with you at least two weeks before you leave them with us in the grooming room so it has an established bond with you.

De-matting dogs

Under the terms of the animal welfare act it is illegal to cause pain and suffering to a dog which dematting will. We operate a clip off policy for heavily matted dogs so if the dog in our professional opinion the dog will suffer from being brushed out the coat will be clipped short. We do not like to do this but we will offer advice how to keep the coat in a good condition so this will not be necessary for following grooms.

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